Zaman Ali  (زمان علی) (born 16 January 1993) is Pakistani Philosopher and Politician. His book on political philosophy is very influential and defines the reality and the true nature of political process. In "Humanity" he inquires how political process could be better for coming generations. His idea of humanity is very powerful as his idea describe about the better social structure with fulfilling the needs of individuals in society.

Early life & education Edit

He received early education from Govt. Central Model School Lahore and he is post graduated in Master of Public Administration from University of Punjab as during study his interest developed in philosophy.

Philosophy Edit

His philosophy is about making the society better place for humans while considering the human individuality as essential part of human as he thinks ''What’s good for individual could be bad for society but what’s good for society that will be good for individual and there is always need to choose what right for society because if it is right for society then it is right for individual''. He point out that humans always need to struggle for better society and each human is part of society and if society is better then individuals will be in good but if certain individuals are good in society that doesn't mean this will make society better place because individuals are just parts of society, not the whole society. 

Ideologies Edit

Ideologies provides way to live for humans and human requires some answers for his existence and purpose of life so different ideologies helps humans to move forward in life and he defines ''Human ideologies are based on human believe and acceptance of one ideology by all human is not possible as long as each human could find answers about his existence by his own mind'' and he links human ideologies with political process and said that each ideology helps human in political process as a political mean.

Power Edit

''Struggle of power is natural in human because with power their individuality prevails over others'' and He relates power with human individuality because if a person or group has the power over other than it is their individuality that prevails and influence other and struggle for power also helps for political process to continue.   

Humanity Edit

His Idea of humanity is about creating the balance in society for it's own good and his idea of humanity is for societal progress and it create harmony in society as he said ''Humanity prevails over all other ideologies because one accept it or reject it for him but he cannot deny it because it is about him'' and as each human need society for his own survival than denying his idea is difficult but he also said because of human individuality no idea is objective and for all but because society is essential for humans and idea of humanity is about the society so that makes Humanity essential idea.

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