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Welcome to the Philosophy wiki Edit

The Philosophy wikicity is part of Wikia. The purpose of the Philosophy Wikia is to provide a wiki community where users can explore Philosophy. Anyone can participate.

Starting pointsEdit

  • Main Page - an introduction to the Philosophy wiki.
  • Community Portal - questions about and discussion of the Philosophy wiki.
  • Forum - to get to know each other.

WikiNodes of our neighborsEdit

  • Academic Publishing Wiki - a WikiCity that is meant to give people a means (peer review) of obtaining constructive criticism and to publish these ideas.
  • EventWiki for Philosophy - a world wide listing of recurring and ad hoc philosophy events, meetings, and discussion groups.
  • LogicWiki - a WikiCity for Philosophical Logic.
  • Wiki Nietzsche - a WikiCity dedicated to Friedrich Nietzsche - in French.
  • Philosophy and Science of Language - a WikiCity that has content dealing with the philosophy of human language.
  • Protoscience - a WikiCity that explores the realms between established science and pseudoscience - a realm called Protoscience.
  • Hegel-wiki: wiki-node - dedicated to Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Potential neighbors?Edit

  • Religion - a WikiCity for religious people and communities of all kinds, featuring holy texts and descriptions. Maybe of interest due to the long liaison between Philosophy and Theology.
  • Socialism - a WikiCity for free socialism repository.
  • GetMeta - "a wiki about "meta" topics, from Metaphysics to Metadata. Diverse subjects related to philosophy, logic, science, technology, interactive programming, intellectual property."