The Phictionary is the dictionary of philosophical terms that is part of the WikiCity of Philosophy. It may also feature references to terms contected to this Wiki.

Searching and browsingEdit

Entries can be found by tapping Phictionary:??? into the search box on the navigation bar, with ??? standing for the searched-for reference. (As an example: tapping Phictionary:Wiki in to the box and clicking the Go button will lead you to Phictionary:Wiki.

Adding and categorizingEdit

Creating new entries to the Phictionary is achieved by creating a new wiki page with the title Phictionary:??? - again ??? standing for the to be referenced entry (and being capitalized).

Since all entries to the Phictionary should be categorized using [[Category:Phictionary|???]] (with ??? being capitalized), an index of all entries can be found here.

Links Edit

Phictionary The original Phictionary (online since 2001 by Martin Trautmann): A dictionary of photographic terms