Goston Nemeth's First Religions Theory, or GNFRT, is a theory thought of by philosopher Goston Nemeth. It is a theory about how religions with deities started.

The theory is that around 40000 years ago, religion originated in Europe, Africa, and Asia, in areas with rocks. Theoretically, there were two situations.

Situation one

Two rocks, two tribes. Both tribes claim their rock is better than the other rock. Both rocks put on high places, symbolising greatness. Both tribes knock opposite tribe's rock off high place, resulting in an ongoing war.

Situation two:

One rock, two tribes. Both tribes claim the rock likes them more than the other tribe. Both tribes have high place to put the rock on. Tribes steal the rock from the other tribe. Other tribe steals it back. Pattern repeats. Same result as situation one.


Religion = war

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